Helping you create a handmade wardrobe you love

Timeless beginner-friendly patterns for wherever you are on your sewing journey

Stylish & comfortable clothing for everyday

Fit & Comfort

Clothing should fit well, feel comfortable, and allow you to move through the day with confidence & ease.

Joyful Making

Making something by hand is a worthy pursuit. It takes time and that's okay – there is purpose & joy in the process of making.

Beautiful Seams

Clothing should be beautiful both inside & out. Beautiful seams can transform a garment & be achieved with a basic sewing machine.

Taking time to create something by hand is an investment in your wellbeing.

New to sewing?

We can’t wait for you to experience the joy of making & wearing your first handmade piece! We hope our patterns guide you through your first project with confidence and ease.

Have sewing experience?

We hope our patterns bring you joy, time to unwind, and a sense of accomplishment & connection. We hope you love wearing your new handmade garment.

We make in order to slow down. To connect with others. To express ideas and emotions, feel competent, create something tangible and long-lasting. And to feed the soul.

Melanie Falick, Making a Life

May your hands be an extension of your heart and may you do the work of love with them.

Aja Monet
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